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Pro-Guard Security is a security services company who offer both domestic security services and commercial security services. Our additional services include:

To arrange additional security services for your home or business, please call one of our team on 0844 585 7076.

Our house sitting and monitoring services can:

  • Deter criminal acts and prevent burglaries
  • Protect property and assets
  • Give peace of mind through professional services

Our private security company offers home and business security services at competitive prices, tailored to your exacting needs.

Our security services can be employed effectively in the home and throughout a variety of commercial sectors such as:

Our security installation company provides additional services to locations in Walsall and the West Midlands, as well as in Solihull, Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield and Four Oaks.

If you or your company is looking for additional security services then you may like to read our company reviews page that highlights our level of service. You can contact Pro-Guard Security today by completing the form on our contact us page or by calling one of our team on 0844 585 7076.

SEPTEMBER TIPS: Protecting Your Home From the Outside

DAY 15: Secure your car.

If you must park on the street, do so in a well-lit area and bring valuables like cell phones, purses, GPS devices, and satellite radios inside. Never leave anything of value in plain view, and always lock the doors and roll up windows. Break-ins can occur in even the safest neighbourhoods, and an unlocked car is one of the easiest possible targets. Never leave a spare key in the visor or anywhere else inside, even if the car is locked.

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SEPTEMBER TIPS: Protecting Your Home From the Outside

DAY 14: Install large, reflective numbers on your house and mailbox.

This makes it easier for police to identify your home in the event of an emergency. Burglars prefer dark houses difficult to identify by address as it can buy them crucial spare moments in the event they’re caught in the act.

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