Benefits of Home CCTV Installation

We are all so accustomed to seeing CCTV cameras across most retail and business premises that we hardly notice their presence anymore. However, these days, more and more individuals and families are following suit and getting CCTV protection at home. Here are just a few reasons why a CCTV home security system could be one of the best purchases you can make.

Source of Evidence

In the rare case you experience a break-in, modern CCTV home security system can provide you with high quality and detailed evidence for the police.
Cameras provide a high resolution image and video of the break-in and perpetrators, as well as the time and date details of the recording.

Peace of Mind

Feeling safe in your own home is one of the most important parts of our life and something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. CCTV for homes allows you to feel as if you have always got a watchful eye over you and your home. When you get CCTV home installation you can choose which parts of your home are covered and which are not.
If you have been burgled in the past you may understand the fear of a return break-in and the feeling of insecurity whilst in your own home. Home CCTV can ease those fears and worries.


Although we are used to seeing CCTV cameras on big corporate, retail and office buildings, CCTV cameras at home are still relatively rare. Those that do have a CCTV system at home significantly reduce the risk of burglary.

24-Hour Protection

Home CCTV, like business CCTV; runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Not only does CCTV help protect your home when you’re out, working or on holiday; but also when you’re sleeping.

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ATTENTION! : Last week eleven shed burglaries were reported in Walsall!

We’re urging local residents to pay extra attention to the security of their garden shed following a small rise in the number of sheds that have been burgled across Walsall.

During the last week some eleven shed burglaries have been reported across the borough with no one area being a ‘hot spot’, so wherever you live please follow some basic advice to secure your shed and the property that you use it to store.

Here is some basic advice:

LOCK sheds with two large hasps, staples and padlocks.
STOP the theft of tools that can be used break into houses.
CHAIN expensive items to something secure such as an anchoring device.
SECURE ladders with a chain to an appropriate fixed point.
BLOCK out the windows of your shed, or if possible fit grilles.
PROTECT your shed contents by property marking them with your postcode.
LOCK tools in steel boxes fitted to the floor of your shed.
THINK about installing a battery operated shed alarm.
CHECK to see if any damage has occurred to your shed after the winter months and repair it.

If you have expensive items such as bicycles, motorcycles or power tools, consider whether you need a high security shed or storage, or whether you can store the items elsewhere, such as inside the house or garage. Increase the chance of having stolen items returned by registering them for free on the Immobilise website.

If you see anything suspicious please contact the police by dialling 101 immediately.

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