Home Protection

Home Protection

How much do you value your family & your home?

The safety of your family, your property and your possessions should be your number one concern when you’re at home and away and there are now many different home security systems available to help protect you and your loved ones. Today, home alarm and CCTV security systems do far more than just ward off intruders. From alerting security personnel to controlling the lights from your smart phone – they are both sensible and efficient choices for individuals who know the value of what they have.

How much do you value your peace of mind?

We are a family run business working locally to ensure the safety of people just like you. We offer free home security advice to do with maintaining, upgrading and replacing your existing security equipment, we retail value for money alarm and CCTV systems, and provide hassle free installation, maintenance and monitoring services – all designed to guarantee your peace of mind..

Looking to pay less for home insurance?

Did you know that by having your a home security system installed and maintained by an accredited company such as ourselves, means that your home insurance premium is likely to be lower?


cctv-systemsMaintanence and Upgrade

we have been informed that, on the night of 16 to 17th April, four theft from motor vehicle offences took place:

1) Helston Road - Drivers side window smashed and Dash Cam Stolen

2) Walstead Close - Drivers side window smashed and mobile phone stolen

3) Gloucester Road - Vehicle entered by unknown means and log book stolen

4) Broadway North - Vehicle left insecure and £12 in change and keys stolen

Just a reminder to remove all items from your vehicle and not to leave anything on display in your vehicle.

Please ensure your vehicle is locked : Check your fob has done its job

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