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Established in 1993, Pro-guard Security offers a verity of comprehensive security services within the West Midlands. Our West Midlands security services are tailored to each client, which we believe makes our security services the most effective solutions in this area. We have 20 years plus experience within the industry and tackle a wide range or situations and circumstances.

Our expert West Midlands security team is experienced in handling and preventing a range of different crimes. The most common crimes that we protect against are theft, burglary, fraud and collusion.

We believe that evaluating situations before taking action is the best approach. Preparation and planning will continually lead to positive outcomes and we work closely with our clients throughout the installation process. This ensures the best results as you utilise our knowledge and expertise within the sector.

In the West Midlands there are over 22,000 crimes each month (July 2014). We believe that this number can be reduced drastically. With our West Midlands security services we can deliver expert solutions to help reduce these crime rates. The West Midlands is highly targeted by criminals due to the number of domestic and commercial buildings not having security or visual deterrents. For more information about security services in the West Midlands, call us today on 01922 610 007.

Security services in the West Midlands

We provide an array of different security solutions for the Birmingham area. These include the following:

We are a SIA member, which is the governing body set up by the Home Office to ensure standards and best practices within the security industry. This is why you can have confidence in our security solutions that are bespoke and personalised to you or your business. The key areas that we focus on are:

Professional West Midlands security company

Our expert team of advisors can help you plan and develop a comprehensive security strategy. Our West Midlands security services can provide you with all of the necessary knowledge you need to create a safe and secure environment.

If you have any questions or queries about our West Midlands security services, please contact us on 01922 610 007.

SEPTEMBER TIPS: Protecting Your Home From the Outside

DAY 15: Secure your car.

If you must park on the street, do so in a well-lit area and bring valuables like cell phones, purses, GPS devices, and satellite radios inside. Never leave anything of value in plain view, and always lock the doors and roll up windows. Break-ins can occur in even the safest neighbourhoods, and an unlocked car is one of the easiest possible targets. Never leave a spare key in the visor or anywhere else inside, even if the car is locked.

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SEPTEMBER TIPS: Protecting Your Home From the Outside

DAY 14: Install large, reflective numbers on your house and mailbox.

This makes it easier for police to identify your home in the event of an emergency. Burglars prefer dark houses difficult to identify by address as it can buy them crucial spare moments in the event they’re caught in the act.

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