Protecting Your Business

Do you value your business? You probably love it. It’s taken a long time for you to start up and even longer to build your business into the success it should be. Don’t risk it with a lapse in security measures, it could cost you more than you think.

Trust Matters

A recent survey suggested that 64% of small businesses chose not to report a crime against them because they felt it was not going to be taken seriously by the police force. Even if this is not the case, perhaps taking measures to secure your business by your own means is a necessary investment.
There are a number of options open to business owners regarding this. General, yet often overlooked measures such as having appropriate locks for doors and windows, and well maintained frames surrounding those doors and windows can be the difference between finding your property ransacked and vandalised when you open up and putting opportunistic villains off targeting your business.

See to Safety

Make sure any areas surrounding potential entry points are made visible or well lit. Adding security lights to alley ways or dimly lit doorways can be a strong deterrent as well as just being generally safer. Why not add a CCTV system to key vantage points so you can keep watch over your business property when out of hours through a desktop, tablet or smart phone app?

Listen Out

Alarm systems are an age old deterrent. They are well proven though. They can put off many potential thieves and vandals in the first instance but even if the more daring delinquents venture past the alarm they will know they have limited time to act, meaning less damage will be done. You can have these alarms linked to a security company monitoring station who will investigate any alarms that are set off or make regular patrols on top. Not only that, security firms can also manage any aspect of your business’ security requirements.

Watch Your Money and Your Money Will Watch You

Transporting cash from your business to the bank or post office may seem like a routine affair, but if it is too routine you could find yourself or the employees who move your cash in trouble. If you transport your cash at the same kind of time daily or weekly, do you notice who’s watching you? You can be at your most vulnerable when cash is in transit – you may not be insured for it either. Take the risk out of cash transportation by having a professional security company take care of it. They will be trained, discreet and fully insured. This could be an investment that saves you thousands.
You may already employ some or all of the advice here. It certainly isn’t exhaustive but it could be food for thought and may help you identify areas you have previously neglected. When it comes to safety and security for your business, it well worth considering everything you can to make it safe. A safe and secure business is a trusted business.

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ATTENTION! : Last week eleven shed burglaries were reported in Walsall!

We’re urging local residents to pay extra attention to the security of their garden shed following a small rise in the number of sheds that have been burgled across Walsall.

During the last week some eleven shed burglaries have been reported across the borough with no one area being a ‘hot spot’, so wherever you live please follow some basic advice to secure your shed and the property that you use it to store.

Here is some basic advice:

LOCK sheds with two large hasps, staples and padlocks.
STOP the theft of tools that can be used break into houses.
CHAIN expensive items to something secure such as an anchoring device.
SECURE ladders with a chain to an appropriate fixed point.
BLOCK out the windows of your shed, or if possible fit grilles.
PROTECT your shed contents by property marking them with your postcode.
LOCK tools in steel boxes fitted to the floor of your shed.
THINK about installing a battery operated shed alarm.
CHECK to see if any damage has occurred to your shed after the winter months and repair it.

If you have expensive items such as bicycles, motorcycles or power tools, consider whether you need a high security shed or storage, or whether you can store the items elsewhere, such as inside the house or garage. Increase the chance of having stolen items returned by registering them for free on the Immobilise website.

If you see anything suspicious please contact the police by dialling 101 immediately.

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