Security for Surgeries

In a modern day society, it is becoming more apparent that vandalism and property damage are occurring more frequently. With an increase in staff and patient attacks, security measures inside and surrounding surgeries are so important. Surgeons, doctors and other employees that work in surgeries have to think about protecting their products as well as patients. With lacklustre security measures in place this could end up costly to the business.

If you require security for your surgery please contact Pro-Guard Security on 0844 585 7076.

Why you need a security system in your surgery

Maintaining a high level of security is important to employees and patients alike. Keeping them safe and reducing the risk of injury due to criminal activity is paramount. All surgeries need to carry out a security risk assessment which looks at all possible outcomes of an attack. Identifying potential hazards and producing a priority list of primary targets need to be highlighted.

These are some of the main reasons for installing security in your surgery:

Protecting Staff – When a high risk situation occurs having the correct security system in place to protect staff is vital.
Keeping products safe – Both the equipment used in surgeries and the medication offered are expensive making them a prime target for thieves. Having the correct security system in place will reduce the risk of the business losing tens of thousands of pounds, if not millions.
Let criminals know you’re protected – Having obvious security measures in place alerts potential offenders that’s its likely they will get caught if they commit an offence. This will significantly reduce any incident occurring.

Surgery Security Solutions

Business CCTV – This is a popular method utilised in surgeries allowing staff to keep a watchful eye on the surgery and surrounding premises 24 hours a day. Pro-guard Security provides high quality video footage providing you the best chance of catching the culprits.
Business Alarm Monitoring – Even when the business owner and staff are absent from the surgery having a 24 hour monitoring facility installed will guarantee your property is being watched around the clock.
Alarm Response – Our expert security team will respond to all alerts within a specified time period if any alarms are triggered.

Installation of Security in Surgeries

When installing security solutions in your surgery it is vital that a security plan is implemented. Every last detail and eventuality needs consideration, ensuring that our security solutions will defend and protect your surgery, staff and patients.

Pro-Guard, a well-respected security company takes pride in knowing that our customers are satisfied and feel protected. All our security plans and measures are bespoke to your surgery. If you would like to know more about security solutions for your surgery then call us on 0844 585 7076 and speak to one of our friendly team.

SEPTEMBER TIPS: Protecting Your Home From the Outside

DAY 15: Secure your car.

If you must park on the street, do so in a well-lit area and bring valuables like cell phones, purses, GPS devices, and satellite radios inside. Never leave anything of value in plain view, and always lock the doors and roll up windows. Break-ins can occur in even the safest neighbourhoods, and an unlocked car is one of the easiest possible targets. Never leave a spare key in the visor or anywhere else inside, even if the car is locked.

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SEPTEMBER TIPS: Protecting Your Home From the Outside

DAY 14: Install large, reflective numbers on your house and mailbox.

This makes it easier for police to identify your home in the event of an emergency. Burglars prefer dark houses difficult to identify by address as it can buy them crucial spare moments in the event they’re caught in the act.

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