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Fire extinguishers have remained the same for decades with every household and business needing multiple types of fire extinguishers to tackle all types of fires. But, what If you only needed one fire extinguisher to put out all types of fires?

True innovation arrives with Firexo, a one-size-fits-all approach to fighting small fires safely. Finally, it is possible to ensure employee safety, prevent injury, and save lives with one product.

Firexo is the market’s only product that fights all fires fast. You can dispense with having separate foam, water, CO2, and powder fire extinguishers. Firexo will extinguish all classes of fire including A, B, C, D, E, & F.

With a Firexo extinguisher, you will save vital time by removing confusion. This removes the possibility that people will use the wrong fire extinguisher, which can result in feeding the fire and causing more damage.

Businesses will be able to reduce the amount of staff training and save valuable space within the office or factory. Along with these benefits, Firexo is 50% more effective at combating fires compared to a regular fire extinguisher. It also prevents re-ignition, giving peace of mind that when the fire is out, it is out.

Firexo is an environmentally friendly fire extinguisher that reduces contamination, mass, and pollution. It is suitable for use at home, at your business, in an event space, and in your vehicle, along with any other location where fire is a risk.

Firexo is available as an extinguisher, a spray, and a sachet. It is also available on mass, for fire rescue services and for refilling extinguishers that have been discharged.

ProGuard is a recognised supplier of Firexo extinguishers, helping you fight fires quickly, safely, and effectively.

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