Mobile Security Patrol Guards

Businesses and commercial properties are often vulnerable targets of criminals and thieves. Any crimes caused often cause distress to staff and result in operation disruptions. The security risks increase exponentially when the business is out-of-working hours or vacant. This makes business security essential, however, static guarding is cost-prohibitive for many companies. Although, effective security is not impossible to achieve. Mobile security patrol guards offer protection for both your tangible and intangible assets and give you peace of mind too.


A Physical Presence To Deter Crime

Mobile patrol services create a highly visible deterrent for criminals that shifts the balance of security in your favour. In addition, the mobile security patrol can occur at regular and irregular intervals throughout the day and night. The high visibility presence of a mobile patrol officer discourages crimes, including property or asset theft and vandalism. Our patrol guards are highly trained to respond to a range of security situations. Therefore, if issues did arise your premises is protected with an effective and rapid response.


Services Tailored To Fit Your Needs

Our bespoke mobile patrol services will match your needs, so you only pay for what you need. We understand that every company and situation is different, and tailor the patrol costs to your needs and circumstances. 

Pro-guard Security is NSI Approved for the provision of mobile patrol service and key-holding service. Working within the West Midlands across locations such as Walsall, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, and Wednesfield. We react to incidents in accordance with your agreed escalation procedures and offer prompt liaison with emergency services. 

The benefits of mobile security patrols include: 

  • High visibility presence 
  • Reaction to our escalation procedures 
  • Prompt liaison with emergency services 
  • Key-holding response service 
  • Bespoke plans 

For more information or to arrange your mobile patrols across the West Midlands, contact our expert team on 01922 214 811 today.



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