Vehicle Tracking

Pro-Guard Security offers vehicle tracking to personal customers in addition to offering the original vehicle tracking installation. Our comprehensive vehicle tracking systems include:

  • The Stolen System
  • Fleet (Smart Track) System
  • Trident Vehicle Tracking System

These vehicle tracking devices can be fitted by our vehicle tacking installers and you can make an enquiry or arrange an installation today by calling one of our team on 0844 585 7076.

A Pro-Guard Security vehicle tracking system will:

  • Provide further protection and security for your vehicle
  • Allow you to know where your vehicle is 24/7
  • Trace stolen vehicles for faster recovery
  • Alert you of movement
  • Run on a separate battery with low battery alerts
  • Enable the police to locate the vehicle and in most cases procure a prosecute

Our private security company can discuss with you the range of vehicle tracker systems, their cost and which type of vehicles they are suited to, from family saloons to high-value super cars.

Our domestic security installation company offers GPS vehicle tracking installations across the West Midlands at locations such as Solihull, Birmingham, Four Oaks and Sutton Coldfield. As well as being a vehicle tracking installation company, Pro-Guard Security can also supply and install home alarms, home CCTV, bollards and security posts and provide keyholding and alarm response and emergency locksmith services.

If your vehicle needs a vehicle tracking system then you can read about the customer satisfaction of previous clients on our company reviews page. You can contact a Pro-Guard Security team member by completing the contract form on our contact us page or by calling us on 0844 585 7076.

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