Jewellery Store Security

Jewellery shops are the most targeted high street shops in Britain. With high risks and dangers every day, it is paramount that jewellery stores have security measures in place. Retail trading premises have many potential security weaknesses, more so than any other business. Employees that work at jewellery shops have to think about protecting their goods while maintaining high levels of customer service. This could potentially lead to employees forgetting or being too busy to complete their designated duties.

Due to the design and layout of most jewellery shops, there is a high potential for attacks and hostage situations. There are many stories of criminals pointing weapons over the counter at staff and demanding goods. In these types of situations, security is needed not just for valuables in the jewellery store but also for the protection of staff. Once a criminal knows that a certain jewellery store is vulnerable this is when they are more likely to act.

Security is important to employees because it keeps them safe and reduces the chance of being injured. When starting up a jewellery store many risk assessments should take place to evaluate all possible outcomes of a robbery. There are many aspects that are taken into consideration when completing a risk assessment. Identifying hazards and who may be harmed is at the top of the priority list. Once security solutions are installed, hazards and dangers are significantly reduced. For more information regarding jewellery store security, call us on 0844 585 7076.

Security Services We Offer Jewellery Stores

The security solutions that we offer to jewellery shops are:

We like to provide a range of professional services to keep your jewellery store protected.

Why Do You Need A Security System For A Jewellery Shop?

Having a security system in a jewellery shop is important. For most store owners it helps to protect both their jewellery and staff within the store. The main reasons are as follows.

  • Protecting staff – When high-risk situations occur there should be systems in place to protect them. Having a security system will leave criminals panicking and evacuating from the crime scene.
  • Keeping goods safe – As we all know jewellery can be expensive, which is why criminals like to keep their eyes on jewellery shops. Having products stolen is never a situation that a business would like to experience. Within the jewellery industry, items can be worth £1,000’s which makes it even more devastating when items are stolen.
  • Let criminals know you’re protected – Having obvious security measures in place tells anyone that if they commit an offence, they are more likely to be caught. This will prevent any incidences to be significantly reduced.

We can provide specific and tailored security solutions for jewellery stores, which will prevent any of the mentioned circumstances from arising.

Installation Of Security In Jewellers

When installing security solutions, it is important that there is time allocated and an in-depth plan in place. Taking into consideration every last minute detail ensures you that our security solutions will defend and protect your jewellery store. We are a private security company that takes pride in knowing our customers are satisfied with our complete protection. We like to give our clients tailored and bespoke plans so that, we can gain a stronger understanding between us and the client.

If you would like to know more about our jewellery security services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call Pro-Guard Security on 0844 585 7076. Our friendly and helpful team will guide and advise you on what you require.



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