School Security

Unfortunately, in today’s society, there are people out there that are looking to damage, vandalise and destroy school property. This is why security in schools is so important to keep the pupils, staff, and property safe. There are many dangers and safety threats children can come across every day. The highest threat is criminals breaking down or jumping fences to damage school property and even harm students. Creating a safe place for children should be a high priority for schools and school security companies can help. We are dedicated to helping and revamping school security systems so that risk factors can be reduced.

Maintaining a high standard of security requires planning and regular security checks. Parents expect that schools will have a security operation in place so that it keeps their children safe. This is why we believe when it comes to school security it should be kept up to date and maintained.

School Security Solutions

There are numerous ways of implementing security in schools that will impact instantaneously. We provide a range of school security solutions and services that deliver professional security in schools. The services that we can provide include:

  • CCTV Installation – This is a popular method for keeping a watchful eye on the school premises. Once installed they work around the clock to observe the surrounding area.
  • 24-Hour monitoring – We provide high-quality cameras that run clear and flawless video which provides the best chance of catching criminals.
  • Alarm Response – Our expert security team will respond to all alerts that may be set off by the alarms installed.
  • Access control services – Allowing anyone to access any area of the school without the need for permission will lead to criminals having unauthorised access. People could potentially get into the school without being detected by staff. Systems such as card readers or password combinations are one of the best methods of discontinuing full access throughout the school.
  • Caretaker Service – Many schools have a caretaker due to the opening and closing of the school premises. Making sure a school is locked at night is highly significant to keep the content of the school safe.
  • Lone worker protection – Having a physical guard walking around and protecting the school will help prevent anybody from attempting to get into the school.


Why have Security for Schools?

Having security in schools is mainly to protect and keep the pupils safe. There are many laws surrounding security for schools, meaning it is important to get it exact and precise. Many problems can arise in schools, such as open access to buildings, valuables on show, and fire alarms being used as a distraction.

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Alternatively, please take a few moments to download and read this guide to improving security in schools.


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