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 Industrial & Warehouse Security Services

Pro-Guard Security provides warehouse and security guarding services. With a wide range of effective, bespoke security services to accommodate your requirements.

Warehouses and distribution centres are frequently targeted by law-breaking criminals. Industrial sites and warehouses are tempting attractive areas for thieves and vandals. Often located in a remote area, containing high-cost goods, often left for a length of time when the site is unmanned. Warehouse buildings and industrial buildings often contain lots of new merchandise in its original packaging. Something that is highly desirable to both professional and amateur thieves and vandals.

Warehouses are subject to both internal and external theft. Internal thefts are committed by company employees, contractors, and other “insiders” who have a legitimate reason to be in the warehouse at certain times. External thefts are committed by “outsiders”. People outside of the company who have no legal need to be in the warehouse are coming to the facility specifically to steal.

Trusted Security Services

At Pro-Guard Security, we provide the expertise, support, and integrated solutions that address these challenges and more. Based in the West Midlands, we can provide a professional, informed, and accountable security service. With SIA licensed guards that can patrol sites, monitor CCTV, respond to emergencies, and set alarms. Furthermore, we offer:

  • Keyholding & alarm response
  • Mobile security patrols
  • Alarm and CCTV installation
  • Static guarding

ProGuard is also a recognised supplier of Firexo extinguishers, helping you fight fires quickly, safely, and effectively in your warehouse. Firexo is an eco-friendly fire extinguisher that reduces contamination, mass, and pollution. It is suitable for use at your business from small office spaces, warehouse spaces, or even on-site vehicles.

We will come and assess your site to determine what route of security coverage is required. Contact us today to talk through all of your warehouse security service requirements.

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